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Trust IV Supports Velocity 2013

Manchester City FC in conjunction with British Cycling ran the 2013 Velocity charity event on Friday and Saturday 22-23 March 2013.

As part of a Manchester City and Proleisure team, Paul Caine put in an hour at 9am Saturday.  Riding on the famous wooden track of the Manchester Velodrome, home of Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton amongst others, was a real thrill - and using a fixed wheel bike for the first time only added to the pre-ride nerves.

Thanks to the professional team at the National Cycling Centre things went without a hitch.  After the initial nerves and getting up to speed, we were soon all flying round and getting some height up the steeply banked ends of the 250m track.

Lap times recorded were in the region of 21-30 seconds per lap, and it felt like we were flying round - but we were swiftly brought back down to earth when the supervisors told us that the pro's can do a lap from a standing start in 17 seconds, and if already moving this reduces to 10 seconds!!!  So they could do 2 laps in the time it took us to do our fastest lap.

Finally at 10:00 we handed the batton over to the next group, and got off our bikes to find that our legs had been replaced with jelly.

Eventually all the laps will be added up, and the timings released, but regardless of the result, a fantastic time was had by all and we now have a much greater appreciation of the British Cycling strategy of constant incremental improvements - now if only we could convince everyone with an IT system to adopt a similar performance related strategy ...

Read more at Velocity

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