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Good resources for novices to performance testing

I'm about to complete my first year here at Trust IV as a sales and marketing consultant. Prior to starting, I had no knowledge or experience of this industry and I have had to learn the basics of performance testing. I thought it would be good idea to brush up on my knowledge and I’ve recently been mining though the internet to find new resources that could help. This article was originally a set of revision/resource notes but I thought it could be a useful to share some of the information which I have found beneficial.Firstly my colleagues here at Trust IV were a massive help. Several of our consultants, many who contribute to this blog site, were all able to explain the basics of performance testing. They are all vastly experienced testers, however they were able to strip back the complexities of testing to the fundamentals and put it into terms that a novice could understand.There are some excellent websites and blogs online. Scott Moore from Northway Solutions Group gives a great four part introduction in Performance Testing 101. The series is very well written and Moore gives clear definitions of types of testing, explains how to plan a test and uses case studies to explain his points. As someone who can be best described as ‘not technical’, I found Moore’s framework really useful when watching our consultants plan and running a test. I was able to relate his written information with a practical example.I like to use visual diagrams to learn and Mark Tomlinson’s YouTube video was a good starting point to understand how HP Loadrunner works. Loadrunner is used extensively by Trust IV and his account complimented my colleague’s explanations of the tool and why we use it. Also Mark’s podcast with James Pulley was a useful way to understand the different types of tests. Alexander Podelko has a gem of a website which has an endless source of information. It has countless website links, PowerPoint presentations and eBook recommendations. I found Scott Barber’s Introduction to Performance Testing on Podelko’s list which was also useful. I have also been made aware of the Ministry of Testing. Like Podelko, they have an extensive list of resources.  I have yet to get my teeth stuck into it, so if anybody can recommend any articles it would be appreciated.This is not a definitive list of the best sources, but a snippet of a few that I found valuable in creating a clearer picture of performance testing. If anybody knows anymore, it would be great if you could get in touch!  

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