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Ticket sale date for World Cup announced

They say you can’t mix business and pleasure, but I am going to try in this blog article. Yesterday FIFA announced that World Cup tickets for next years event in Brazil will go on sale in August.From a personal point a view, I have been waiting for the announcement for a while as my friends and I are seriously considering venturing out to South America for the tournament (if England qualify of course).From a business perspective, I am intrigued to see if the ticketing website can handle the load of football fans wanting to purchase tickets.The first round of sales in will be a worldwide lottery. This means that you can buy tickets for games but you cannot guarantee which team you'll be watching. If England qualified and I was to buy tickets in August, it would be a huge slice of luck if I got tickets to watch Rooney and co. The football governing body is expecting 3.3 million tickets available for the 64 games. If all these tickets are bought, the 2014 World Cup could potentially be one of the most popular in terms of total attendees. I am not suggesting that 3.3 million tickets will all be sold or that 3.3. million people will be hitting the FIFA website come August 20th, however, these figures will be a frightful proposition for whoever is in charge of ticket sales and distribution.The proposition will be even scarier after FIFAs failure at the last Word Cup in South Africa. It was reported that the ticketing system crashed due to ‘volume overload’ with people trying to buy 160 000 unsold tickets. With these figures in mind, one would hope that FIFA have learnt from their previous efforts and the experiences of others, namely the recent London Olympics.  From a personal perspective, when registering for the 2012 Games, the website crashed due to the high volume of users trying to access the site. It should be noted, I was just registering my interest for tickets, not actually purchasing them. With this added complexity of buying the tickets, it will be interesting to see how the FIFAs ticketing site copes.After last night’s performance against Ireland I am not even sure if England will qualify for the tournament. Either way though, we will keep with this story and assess how the website performs come August 20th.

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