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Trust IV at eCommerce Expo Manchester

On Wednesday, both Ian and I went to the eCommerce Expo in Manchester. Held down the road from our office at Manchester Central (or the GMex to the locals), the event was for anyone involved in online retail and covered a number of areas such as; digital & mobile marketing, ecommerce & mcommerce, payment & security as well as fulfilment, delivery & retention.We have now been to several retail expos but this event was different since there was a much bigger emphasis on marketing and ecommerce.  This was really beneficial for us because it gave us an insight into areas of retail where we have had less exposure.  I found a lot of people at the stands informative and they were able to open my eyes to different aspects of marketing and ecommerce in the retail space.  The only disappointment about the day was my inability to get to some of the key note discussions. Andy Walton's ‘8 lessons from our migration to mobile’ was one in particular that I wanted to attend. From talking to friends in the online gaming sector, I am aware that there is a significant shift towards mobile gaming. It would have been interesting to understand how a major player like Sky has done this. Also the performance testing of mobile applications has been a talked about area in the testing industry, so I was curious to see if this was discussed.  The performance of online gaming sites has been on our minds at Trust IV, and we have recently compared several betting sites to see which performed best during big race events such as the Grand National and the Cheltenham Festival.I hope that the organisers are able to put videos up of some of the key note discussions. There were some high quality speakers and it would be good if a wider audience could hear their thoughts.

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