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HP Discover – Las Vegas 2013

My followers on Twitter and LinkedIn will already be aware that I went to the HP Discover conference in Las Vegas last week. They’ll have heard tales of lost baggage, extreme “jet-lag induced tiredness” (body-clock waking me at 3:30 every morning) as well as various updates from the conference.   People go to the conference for a variety of reasons; to hear the keynote speeches, attend NDA sessions, see application demonstrations and to meet HP product managers,R&D teams or other experts. I’ve been a member of  Vivit for over 4 years now and before that, I was a member of the Mercury software user group. For me the highlight of my conference was meeting up with a group of fellow testers one evening over a glass or two of whisky (thanks Mr Moore)These testers have inspired me from my first days as a tester, when I used to frequently use Wilson Mar’s website and Scott Moore’s, I knew James Pulley through his moderation of GoogleYahoo and StackOverflow LoadRunner groups and more recently I’ve been listening to his and Mark Tomlinson’s PerfBytes podcasts.I sincerely hope that this becomes a regular event at conferences. It was great to finally meet these people face to face and “put the testing world to rights”

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