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One Direction fans crash announcement website

So the pop music wrecking ball that is One Direction recently announced their plans for a world stadium tour. In the spring and summer of 2014, the five piece band will be touring some of the UK and Irelands elite stadia, as well as venues in North and South America.  The initial announcement about the tour was made on the website ‘One Big Announcement’. Whilst I can’t say that I like One Directions music, there a millions of people who do. Hundreds and thousand teeny boppers and fans tried to access the site to find out the revelation, however it crashed due to the volume of hits.  When the site returned, fans were greeted with an anti climatic message about a world tour. The message included dates and ticket details for the gigs.Ticket for the UK shows were released on Saturday 25th May with all the majority of ticketing sites selling the golden tickets. Industry experts were expecting tickets to sell out in ten minutes and even dubbed the day ‘Stressed out Saturday’. With over 12 million followers on Twitter, One Direction are an extremely well supported band. The crashing of the announcement website highlighted their support and it was certain that ticketing websites were going to take a hammering from eager fans.  As we did for the Grand National and Cheltenham Festival, we analysed a variety of ticketing sites to see how they fared with the rush for tickets. On the whole, the majority of sites faired quite well. However a few did struggle, with See Ticket being one in particular. As demonstrated in the graph below, See Ticket had slow response rates when compared to other leading ticket vendors such as Ticketmaster. At the 10am ticket release time, response time for See Tickets were extremely slow. See Ticket website response time fluctuated wildly throughout the day and we recorded that there were periods during the day when it took over 50 seconds for the homepage to load. Ticketmaster on the other hand appeared to respond on average at 3 seconds when compared to its rival. In all honesty I was expecting more sites to perform as See Tickets, but it seems companies were prepared for the onslaught of fans. initial five UK shows sold out in a matter of minutes and extra dates were announced in Manchester and Wembley. On the ‘One Big Announcement’ site there have been suggestions that more announcements will be made. With many fans being left empty handed from this bout of sales, many will be hoping for more shows!

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