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“The money spent with Trust IV was the best money spent on the whole project”

Trust IV recently received a glowing testimonial and were described as ‘the best money spent’ from our client University Hospital Birmingham (UHB).

We were introduced to UHB as they needed non functional testing on a newly implemented system. UHB has migrated from a Sage 500 to a Sage 1000 system, and were keen to assess the system user concurrency threshold and see if it could support the number of required licensed users. After initial tests, Trust IV quickly showed that the new Sage system failed with low volumes of requisitioning items. After changing the test scripts and retesting both by automated and manual means, it was evident that the system could not handle low volumes of load.

Trust IV made recommendations to Sage to investigate the underlying platform components and for them to confirm the system was configured using the platforms best practices. After retuning, the new tests saw a significant improvement in terms of scalability of the system that met UHBs user expectations. Trust IV Technical Director Gordon Appleby was obviously pleased with the testimonial and said ‘the project was a great success after overcoming some significant challenges’.

For an overview of the project please look at the case study. We will also be producing a white paper about the project as well as presenting our findings at the up and coming Sage User Network Awareness Day. 

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