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High demand but website problems for Glasgow 2014 tickets

I wrote an article about the delays faced by customers trying to buy tickets for Glasgow 2014 during the first round of ticket sales in August. Many visitors to the site faced delays of up to an hour trying to buy tickets. I decided against publishing the article at the time, as I didn’t feel it was that newsworthy. Admittedly it’s not great that customers faced delays but at least the site didn’t crash like the London 2012 website did.  Last week saw a second opportunity for people to purchase tickets for the event. Unfortunately customers were again faced with delays. In a repeat of the first ticket sales, some customers were reporting waits of more than one hour to purchase tickets. The games organisers took to their Official Twitter page to appease fans and inform followers that;

Glasgow 2014 is riding on the success of last year’s London Olympics Games, and the public interest and hype is unprecedented for a Commonwealth Games. However, one question still needs to be asked: Just why is the website still experiencing slowdowns? Surely it was tested, but it begs to question if it was tested properly? If it was, these slowdowns shouldn’t still be happening. Its seems to be a running theme with online ticket vendors. Recently, we saw the Glastonbury ticket website crash. Its has been stated that tickets sold out in record time and that up to 3,000 tickets were being sold per minute. Whilst I appreciate that demand for tickets at mega events (such as Glastonbury or Glasgow 2014) is very high, surely the organisers have enough time to prepare their sites for the load. Even if its hard to predict how many people will register for tickets, its not as if this load is ‘unexpected’, so there is no excuse to keep hearing stories like this.Maybe these ticketing organisations use website slowdowns or crashes as PR opportunities to demonstrate how popular their event is. Either way, ticketing organisations should look to improve and give shoppers and fans a better experience when buying tickets.

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