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H&M website crashes for Isabel Marant launch

Last week saw the unveiling of the highly anticipated clothing line of French fashion designer Isabel Marant.  In a collaboration with high street retailer H&M, many fans were left disappointed when H&M's website crashed due to load. Hype has been building among fans for the range since the initial announcement of the partnership between H&M and Marant was made in June.

I am reliably informed that Marant is a favourite among fashionistas, with her unique trend setting style often capturing the imagination. With this in mind, shoppers flocked to both stores and H&M online to grab their garments. However, those who tried to buy off the H&M website faced much frustration after it crashed early in the morning.

Once again, this is another example of a company, ill prepared for the onslaught on their website. Its been suggested that H&M underestimated how popular the clothes would be, but with this range being described as ‘the most anticipated line in H&M history’, one would think extra precautions could and should have been made.

This is not the first collaboration the Swedish retailer has embarked on.  They have previously worked with fashion powerhouses such as Stella McCartney, Vercase and Jimmy Choo; although none of their lines compare to Marant's. For example, Marant offered more items than those mentioned, products were available in more countries and for the first time a selection was made for men.  

H&M online credibility has taken a hit with one customer saying she ‘had lost confidence in their eCommerce ability’. The retailer will no doubt "spin" the website crash and use it to demonstrate how popular the range was. Due to the popularity of the store, I doubt it will lose customers. But they should have prepared better for their most important release of the year. If nothing else, it would have saved them the hassle of saying sorry

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