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Dryathlon … revisited!

Its that time of the year again. After consuming copious amounts of food and drink over the festive period, a growing number of people are going ‘dry’ for the New Year and are supporting Cancer Research UK Dryathlon. To those who have not heard of the event, Dryathlon is whereby an individual gives up alcohol for the month of January and donates their usual ‘beer money’ to Cancer Research UK.

Our very own Richard Bishop is supporting the event again after raising £150 last year. Readers of this blog may remember Richard having problems signing up for the event and due to the slowness of the website. After a bit of digging around, Richard believed the slow speed was due to third party sites such as JustGiving.

We decided to monitor the Dryathlon website over the festive period to assess its performance. On the whole it was solid, and had an average response time of just over three seconds. However, on the eve of the event we noticed significant slowdowns (on New Years Eve and New Years Day) with response times lasting over a minute long. It can be argued that this was to be expected on these specific dates, as many people were registering in time for the events January 1st start day. Interestingly, we also saw serious slowness on the 23rd December…maybe people were pre-empting an overzealous food/drink filled Christmas lunch?

Registering this year, Richard encountered no performance issues and was able to sign up without the hassle of last year! Looking around social media channels, people did not seem to be affected by the poor response times we registered and over 30, 000 are expected to sign up! We intend to have a look at the causes of the slowdowns and will update this blog when we do so.

In the meantime, we hope everyone is going strong and if anybody fancies sponsoring Richard, follow the link

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