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MCFC v MUFC … the rematch

Last month Richard compared the website performance of Manchester City and Manchester United. In a similar fashion to their early season win over their rivals, City romped to victory with their homepage rendering nearly three times faster than United’s.  David Moyes thankfully wasn’t at fault, and Richard suggested that third party content was a major reason for United’s shortfall.Today will see the two teams pitted against each other once again. With this in mind, we used our WebPageTest instance again to compare their web performance. Will United have learned from their previous mistakes about third party content or will City continue to outshine their neighbours at Old Trafford? 

WebPageTest video comparison 

United’s return to form

Comparing United’s results from today’s test to the one done for the first blog article in February; there was a noticeable reduction in number of requests (especially with images) with the page size shrinking from 9MB to 7.5MB. As well as this, the number of those 'pesky' slow third-party links has fallen.

Why is City slower?

Man City’s response time has slowed slightly from 3.5s to 3.8s with larger images being the main reason for slowness.  Put simply, their image sizes have increased from last month which has contributed to them losing this battle with United. 

The big question

Is United’s win in the web performance battle a sign of things to come today? If they are to pull off the victory, you can call us the IT version of Paul the Octopus

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