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Trust IV at the HP Apps12 Launch

Tuesday 18th March saw the launch event of the eagerly anticipated HP Apps12. Held at the Royal College of General Practitioners in London, both Mahesh and I were in attendance to find out more about the product and discuss the benefits of the Independent HP Software user group, Vivit.With the Vivit UK Chapter Leader, Richard Bishop, at home after ankle surgery, I was given the responsibility of representing the community on stage at the start of the event.  As a user group we were extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to talk at such an important event. It was also a great arena to raise the profile of the community to the people that matter the most, the HP users.

Vivit – Your Independent HP Software Community

Running since 1993, Vivit is a truly unbiased and independent HP Software user group. It prides itself on not only creating a community and connecting like minded professionals, but also forming an organisation that can influences HP Software product direction and support to suit its users. With the help of HP Software EMEA BDM Toby Marsden, Vivit and HP are looking to increase the lines of communication between the two organisations. As the only user community endorsed by HP, we are looking to collaborate and further expand communication between HP Development and its users. Both HP and Vivit will be looking to organise more events together in the future so you the user can have your say about the products you are using!

Apps 12 & LoadRunner

The big message from HP and Forrester at the Apps 12 launch was about development VELOCITY. This being the predicted  increase in number of releases per app per year from 4 in 2011 to 120 releases a year in 2020. That isn't a typo by the way…120 releases a year. That’s 1 every 2-3 days. The current industry buzz of 'Shift Left' doesn't really do this justice. Can you imagine the cultural change needed to support business demand for this level of change? HP's Apps 12 roadmap response to this prediction is illustrated in the 'Community Edition' of LoadRunner. Imagine the lack of procurement and licensing complications that permit local installs for up to 50 user load tests - this will be of immense benefit to companies who are looking to move to performance testing at unit level by development teams or early system testing teams. The Constant Integration communication to Hudson and Jenkins that HP have added through RESTfull APIs to the product suite reinforce this overall thinking and message with the product's direction – Velocity, Shift Left, Automate, Integrate, do it right earlier, reinforce best practice. 

Thanks to HP

I would like to take the time to thank Toby Marsden, Angela Vorley and Beth Parker for giving Vivit the opportunity to talk and for their support in the lead up to the event. As previously mentioned, HP and Vivit will be looking to work together on more face to face opportunities to discuss the new ALM release so watch this space!

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