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LoadRunner 12 installation guide

Now that the LoadRunner community edition has been released, which allows anybody to download LoadRunner and run tests with up to 50 vUsers, we expect that there will be a large increase in the number of LoadRunner users. Our blog article, describing our first impressions of LoadRunner 12 was extremely popular and resulted in a record number of visitors to this blog. We've already been approached by testing "newbies" asking where they can start, but we also anticipate that developers who've previously used open source tools, will want to give LoadRunner a "test drive". 

With this in mind, my colleague, Richard Bishop, has been working with HP's Wilson Mar to produce a series of "how to" guides to help introduce people to LoadRunner.  This video, produced by Wilson, shows a step by step guide to downloading and installing LoadRunner 12.

I just used the guide to install my own copy of Loadrunner 12 and I'm looking forward to developing my skills as a tester here at Trust IV. 

Future blog posts and articles by HP and Trust IV will describe how to get started with scripting, followed by more advanced scripting techniques. We're also producing best-practice guides; describing, for example, how to incorporate performance testing into your continuous integration and development cycle. Let us know in the comments below if there are any guides that you'd be interested to see, we'll help if we can.

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