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Trust IV helping HP & Vivit with network virtualisation webinar

Trust IV are pleased announce that it will be conducting the Q&A session of HP & Vivit's webinar ‘Virtualising real-world network conditions in your software testing environment’. Held on Friday 25th July, we will be leading the Q&A session, whilst HP Experts Justin Haley and Matthew Brady will be presenting the webinar.

Is network virtualisation a part of your application delivery cycle?

The webinar will focus on why you should make network virtualisation a strategic part of your mobile application delivery cycle. Justin and Matthew will explore how application environments are becoming more complex, and why new performance bottlenecks are occurring. They will explain that deploying applications without testing against network variables can no longer be considered an option.  It has to be a requirement!Before your application goes live, you now need to test for and optimise the end-user experience under realistic network conditions in your pre-deployment lab. The pair will look to explain the idea behind HP Network Virtualisation and give details how it can:

  • Reduce performance issues in production by up to 70%
  • Accelerate application delivery cycles by up to 40%
  • Improve application response times by 51-70%

Trust IV relationship with HP & Vivit

Trust IV are proud to support and be a part of Vivit. An independent HP Software user group it prides itself on not only creating a community and connecting likeminded professionals, but also forming an organisation that can influences HP Software product direction and support to suit its users.We have close links with the organisation thanks to Richard who sits on Vivit's Board of Directors. Acting as their Education Chair, Richard is also the UK Chapter Leader. In March, Gordon was given the privilege to open up the HP Apps 12 Launch with a short presentation about the benefits of joining Vivit.For a company that actively use the HP product set like ourselves, Vivit plays an important role in helping us learn more about HP products that are important to us. With webinars and training programmes (like the ones Gordon participated with in May) Vivit offers many ways to help the HP software user community.

Missed the webinar? Watch it here

Don't worry if you missed the webinar, it is now online for you to watch. If you want more information about the network virtualisation or Vivit, contact us

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