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Introducing HP LoadRunner in the Cloud

We are really excited to announce our new offering, HP LoadRunner in the Cloud (LRITC). By hosting LoadRunner on a cloud platform, we are now able provide our customers with the leading performance testing tool at an affordable price. Over the next few weeks we will be doing a series of articles to discuss how it can help you with your performance testing.  

In 2010, when HP first launched LoadRunner on a cloud platform it was limited to 250 web-only virtual users (vUsers). This limitation   is no longer in place and we are happy to be able to offer any number of vUsers using any of LoadRunner’s  supported protocols.   We are providing standard “bundles” of 100, 200 and 500 vUsers but we can configure any number of vUser licenses to meet    your needs.

When you hear “HP LoadRunner”, what do you think? 

I think it’s fair to say that HP LoadRunner is considered one of the best performance testing tools in the market and regularly   outperforms the competition in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for software testing. However, negative prejudices are often associated with LoadRunner, the most common of which is that it’s an expensive tool with high upfront costs. Many potential customers are put off by the idea of long contracts or the thought of expensive maintenance costs. We’ll accept those objections, since they have (some) substance to them, but things are changing.

What is HP LoadRunner in the Cloud?

In March this year, HP announced LoadRunner 12 with a new licensing model. Now 50 vUsers are free to use. This helps to put the tool in the hands of more people at much lower cost. Did I mention, IT’S FREE?!!!

TrustIV's LRITC allows you to pay by the hour for your LoadRunner test infrastructure. Meaning that you can quickly and easily upload your scripts to our platform and test, at very low cost, up to the 50 vUser (free) limit. When you stop LRITC, you stop paying. This represents an end to expensive testing “shelfware”. You can literally get up and running in minutes. Without the need for expensive hardware and start up fees, Trust IV’s “on demand service” allows you to "spin up” Controllers and Load Generators in the cloud and can scale without long-term platform overheads and hassle. 

Licenses for any number of vUsers can be applied to your platform once you're ready to test at volume and we're looking at ways of providing pre-built Controllers with different on-demand vUser options. These are likely to be 100, 200 and 500 vUsers initially, although we can configure Controllers with any number of vUsers to meet your specific needs.

So how can LRITC help me?

Over the coming weeks we are going to look at various topics which affect the performance testing community and discuss how LoadRunner in the Cloud could help meet your performance testing needs. 

  • With more organisations using agile software development methods, there has been a ‘shift-left’ for testing, with developers regularly doing some of their own unit testing. Open source tools are often used for this, but with a free 50vUser Community Edition of HP coupled with LRITC, shouldn’t your developers be using this best-of-breed tool? We’ll look at alternatives to LoadRunner and compare and contrast the options.
  • As we have already mentioned, cost is a big issue in the performance testing community. With tight budgets, the cost of a tool and licences maybe the deciding factor when selecting a test tool. We’ll compare LRITC with open-source and licensed tools to give you an idea of its cost against the other options.  

  • With the help of my colleague, Charlie, we've been developing some mini tutorials which we'll publish on our YouTube channel to show you how easy it is to use Trust IV’s LRITC. Charlie will be presenting one minute videos to show how to create an environment, run a performance test and exporting the results to your computer. 

Want more information? Get in touch with us!

Keep an eye for the follow up blogs as we’ll look to explain how LoadRunner in the Cloud can help you. If you need more information, just get in contact with us. Call us on 0844 8700301 or email

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