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Is Performance Testing as expensive as you think?

Cloud Computing is generally considered to be ideal for short term solutions but not cost effective for lengthy projects or requirements. Equally so Performance Testing has been, and is still regarded as an expensive undertaking. Some approaches may bear these beliefs out, however careful management of your platform combined with cost effective SaaS licensing options means that a Cloud based, year round testing platform can actually become a reality within your business at minimal cost.There are now cloud based performance testing solutions that utilise licensed, high volume testing capability combined with the   free 'low volume' solution to provide a holistic approach to your test platform requirements. Using LoadRunner in the Cloud in a scenario, we’ll demonstrate how a cloud based tool can make performance testing more affordable for you.42% cost reduction can be achieved when using LoadRunner in the CloudBased on a quarterly release schedule and a 10 day release window, a complete annual SaaS solution can be implemented at a fraction of an on-premise installation. In a recent proposal for a client, we demonstrated a 42% reduction in cost when compared with a conventional license sale. Compare that to the cost of a full premise install where the licensing alone removes the saving, it's clear to see why cloud based performance testing tools are becoming more attractive.Your Primary high volume platform consists of 1 Controller and 2 Load Generators; this is used for the main 40 days of release testing and is capable of exercising 500 Virtual Users. The Secondary low volume platform of a single combined Controller/Load Generator being available for scripting and small scale tests; itself capable of exercising 50 Virtual Users.

Using this example, 'LoadRunner In The Cloud' dispels two myths:
  • Performance Testing is expensive
  • Cloud Computing is not the ideal solution for a programme of works

Put simply there are fewer reasons for not undertaking Performance Testing, indeed the question is not how much will it cost you to test, but how much it could cost you if you don't...Don't wait any longer, it could cost you. Find out more about HP LoadRunner in the CloudWe’ve got more articles about LoadRunner in the Cloud on our blog; click here to read them. If you want more information about how LoadRunner in the Cloud could help you, call us on 0844 870 0301 or email

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