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Is LoadRunner expensive?

Over recent weeks, we have been blogging about our new offering, HP LoadRunner in the Cloud (LRITC). We are extremely proud of this product and feel it represents an end to expensive “shelfware” test software. As Chris showed in his most recent post, ”Is Performance Testing As Expensive As You Think?”, this product dispels several myths associated with our field. Firstly, Chris showed that performance testing was not as expensive as some thought; secondly he showed how cloud computing can be ideal for long-term as well as short-term project work. Chris also dispelled a third myth in his blog post and demonstrated that HP LoadRunner needn’t be an expensive tool.  

Google and outdated opinions

As I have previously mentioned, there are widespread negative prejudices associated with the LoadRunner on the Internet; expense and high upfront costs are major bugbears. Some of these sentiments are valid, but many of them are outdated or display biases. When I searched Google for the words “LoadRunner” NEAR “expensive” on Google, the following results came up. 

The first three results on the page, as you might expect, are “paid for adverts” from HP partners or resellers. The next two are articles written by HP’s competitors. Both the authors of these articles are well respected within the performance testing community and both articles have several valid points. Despite this, it is important to note that they were both written in 2010. The same can be said of the fourth article.

I know Alex Podelenko and he’s one of the thought leaders in our field, but his post is from 2011 and I’d be interested to hear a more up to date opinion from him.

LoadRunner in 2014

After looking at the links on Google, any potential purchaser of LoadRunner should ask whether the widespread discussions about expensive licensing costs and costly hardware are still valid in 2014.

I would argue that they are not. LoadRunner Community Edition has brought entry level testing using LoadRunner to a wider audience than ever before and new licensing options such as “LoadRunner in the Cloud” have drastically reduced the cost of ownership. Take a quick look at our LoadRunner in the Cloud blog series and you’ll see what I mean. 

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