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Don’t use your customers as performance testers

I spotted an interesting article on TNW (The Next Web) this morning. The article by Owen Williams described how a new website (RetroJam) could provide you with customised Spotify playlists and “rediscover your musical past”. Owen, described how the website lays out a timeline with playlists from different eras of your childhood after you enter your birth date.This sounded great so I thought I’d have a look.......unfortunately most of TNW’s readers seemed to be having the same idea and this is what I saw. Sadly RetroJam could end up suffering the fate of all those small start-ups who fail to make a good first impression by performance testing.Now that the cost of performance test tools is falling, there’s no excuse for your customers to be the people who warn you of poor web performance. Sadly, could end up being a “one hit wonder”.Mind you, I think that their 404 screen is one of the best I've seen.They show this GIF under the heading. "Oops, something went wrong! Don't worry, we have our best men on it."Tech Support Team

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