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Another ticket website crash

UK website owners need to stop embarrassing themselves by getting mentions on PerfBytes. In the podcast that I heard, James and Mark described how the UK is still topping the league of embarrassing websites.

PerfBytes Podcast

In the episode, the pair discussed embarrassing examples of UK websites crashing. Firstly they talked about “the Kate Middleton effect”. It would appear that our fashionista royal seems to be responsible for numerous crashes, with many fans wanting to copy  her style. Her latest outing in a Madderson dress caused the Madderson website to crash. As well as this the UK’s ticketing sites were discussed in detail, once again a ticketing site crashed when tickets went on sale.    Mark and James mentioned when Michael McIntyre tickets went on sale for a show that he was doing at the Trinity Theatre in Cambridge, not only did the ticketing site fail, but as well as this the theatre’s website crashed.

Another ticketing site crashes

Unfortunately, PerfBytes will undoubtedly be talking about another ticketing site crashing on their next podcast. This time, Ticketmaster UK crumbled under the load of Muse fans wanting to buy tickets for the rock bands upcoming UK Tour.As is usual when this happens, frustrated fans vented their anger on social media with one in particular suggesting that fans ‘boycott’ Ticketmaster. Over the last few years we have reported website crashes for nearly all the major ticketing sites. You would think by now that they would have learned their lessons? On second thoughts, they probably haven’t…

Measure website performance

I noticed that Mark and James were using GTmetrix to measure site performance. This provides a wealth of information for site owners, but if you want stats for UK sites, measured from the UK, I’d recommend using Trust IV’s webpagetest instance, hosted in Manchester. To use this, visit and choose the “Manchester” location to get a feel for site performance from this side of the pond. We can also add interesting sites to our “Blink” page testing solution which generates league tables for site performance. Get in touch if you’d like to see a sample report.

We can help with your website performance

It would be good to hear Mark and James report some good news about UK websites. Don’t be another website to suffer from an embarrassing website crash. Get in touch and we can let you know how we can help improve your website performance. 

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