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HP Discover 2015 Round Up

This year I was once again fortunate to attend the HP Discover conference in Las Vegas. As a Vivit Board member, I’m invited to these conferences for meetings with HP executives. As well as this, the Vivit face-to-face board meetings take place in the two days immediately before each conference. I was pleased to be able to attend this year after a successful re-election to the board, and I was delighted that my fellow board members voted to elect me president of the Vivit board.

The keynotes from HP Discover 2015

This year’s keynote sessions were particularly informative. In the first keynote, rather than the traditional “this is our new product X”-style presentation, HP told stories about how they helped to transform their customers businesses using a mixture of hardware, software and professional services. This demonstrates how, rather than the traditional “cost centre” that it always was in the past, IT is crucial for the success of any business. There were some new software announcements, including Grommet, HP’s open source UX framework as well as LeanFT which was described well in Jo Colantonio’s blog.The first keynote led nicely into the second keynote where Meg Whitman and her executive team described in more detail, how HP will separate into two business units. Some of the statistics that they shared were remarkable: 5,000 people are working on the split and John Hinshaw described how they were migrating 2,800 applications, 75,000 APIs and 50,000 servers across 6 data centres. During the transition, HP is taking the opportunity to move as many applications as possible to the cloud. Over 1,700 premise-to-cloud migrations are taking place as part of the separation.

What did I learn from this year’s conference?

This year, there were two key themes to HP Discover:

  • As well as the usual announcements describing HP’s latest innovations and research such as “The Machine”, their work on “the Internet of Things” and the integration of “Big Data” into many of their software products, such as Operational Analytics, IT Security and Application Development and Management (ADM).
  • HP also described in detail how the transition to two separate business units (HP Enterprise Group and HP Inc.) would take place.

Why is HP Discover a good event for Vivit members? 

Each HP Discover conference is a great opportunity for all Vivit members, not just board members or local user group leaders, to meet HP executives and Product Managers. It can often be difficult to find the right person to talk to in an organisation as large as HP, but at conferences such as this, you’re never far from the person with the answer to your question. Whether this is a HP specialist or fellow conference attendee.At each conference Vivit likes to hold a dinner to thank the leaders who put so much time and effort into organising and running the many elements of the user group. These dinners are a great opportunity for successful Vivit leaders to share ideas on how to arrange successful meetings and keep the local user groups active.

It helps with career development

From a career development point of view, attending the conferences is invaluable! It gives you an opportunity to meet product specialists from HP as well as their R&D teams. It really does help keep my product knowledge current, as well as developing an understanding of HP’s product development roadmap which helps me to advise my customers. At no other time do you get access to HP “best and brightest” in a single location.As well as round-table discussions, technical presentations and keynote speeches, I find that I learn a huge amount from talking to HP product specialists at their demo booths. This is where I get the opportunity to see all the latest product versions in one place and get to understand the best way of implementing HP software solutions for my customers.    

Want to find out more information?

If you feel you missed out by not attending HP Discover, many of the keynote and track sessions were recorded and are available online. As well as this, Vivit will be hosting numerous webinars as well as local user meetings to help disseminate information about the conference. For those in the UK interested in attending in the future, you’ll be happy to know that the next conference will be in London in December. We for one, can’t wait!

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