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Trust IV make Gold Partner Status

'Element', the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) icon is certainly not Gold (it’s Green in case you’ve missed what’s been happening in the world of HP recently), but Trust IV is proud to announce it has now achieved Gold Partner status! You won’t see us changing our logo anytime soon, but what you will notice is an addition in terms of an official HP accreditation.

Now what exactly does that mean to us and our customers?

For us it represents a commitment to the HPE Channel in which we actively promote HPE software and the best practice use of it (something we have a foundation in).

For our customers, it means access to a preferred HPE supplier which means better support, pricing and both pre-sales and post-sales care. We’ll throw in our years of experience to complement and reinforce the fact that we’re not just here to 'shift boxes'.

I’d quote a rather well known song at this point, but my colleagues shot down my use of “…salad days…” How I could have worked that in sensibly is open to the comments section…

In the meantime I’ll leave you with this thought; if you need a partner who doesn’t practice Alchemy yet offers the highest value, we can be your “partners in crime” (see what I did there?   ...I’ll get my coat).

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