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You've got to be joking - Gateway 504 impedes democracy

Well, it's happened yet again... all know what the EU referendum means and how important it is, regardless of which way we want to vote, that we can at least agree on.The government have been pushing for everyone to ensure that they're registered to vote, because this is the most important vote in our lifetime and will affect our children and our children's children. And they're right; this referendum is a big deal.So, you'd think that the 'powers that be' would ensure that the website where you register to vote would be fit for purpose? Well, apparently not.Yet again, a website crashes because no-one has been pro-active and put measures in place to reduce the risks that when everyone shows up for your little soiree, there's enough beers in the fridge and burgers on the barbeque. It would take a 5 minute meeting with the right people to assess and agree it would be worth stress and load testing the website, on the off-chance that a lot of people would leave it til the last minute to register for the vote.Once the obvious has been realised, and you've chosen who you want to test the website (in this case, let's assume it's the best people for the job, i.e. Trust IV), it would take us very little time to assess the User Journeys, write the scripts and test the website, so you know how many people it will take before the wheels fall off. If you're not happy with the number, then you've got time to put things in place, such as sticking in another temporary server to cover it. After spending several million pounds on leaflets for every house, a little spent on testing would have been a solid investment.Please, please, please..   ..don't omit to test. Sometimes it really does matter.

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