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Using LoadRunner with Jenkins

I've recently been looking at integrating LoadRunner scripts into the Jenkins build process for a Trust IV client. Inspired by a recent HPE webinar and the fact that several different development teams where I'm working are incorporating automated testing, managed by Jenkins into their application development cycle (Dev-Ops). As a result, it made sense to look into these integrations to ensure that the enterprise testing toolsets at my client (primarily based on QTP/UFT and LoadRunner/Performance Center) can be integrated into Jenkins projects.The video below shows a demonstration where a Jenkins master server calls a slave-node with an installation of LoadRunner 12.53 and runs a short performance test. Unfortunately the video and audio quality isn't wonderful. but at full screen I think that you should be able to follow it.  Notes:

  • Jenkins master was version 2.32.2 installed on a Ubuntu 16.04.LTS server.
  • Installed HP Application Automation Tools plugin on Jenkins.
  • Jenkins slave was a Windows 10 PC with an installation of LoadRunner 12.53 Patch 4.
  • I ran a script from the plugin support page" under the title "Content Security Policy Header", to allow LoadRunner reporting.
  • I found that the Java client on the slave had to be started with administrative privileges to ensure that LoadRunner started properly.
  • I have experienced problems viewing detailed test reports from inside Jenkins (other than the performance trend graph), but all reports can be downloaded.
  • Integration with Performance Center should be possible, this would allow reports to be viewed in Performance Center or Jenkins.

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