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Process Improvement VS Process Automation – How are they linked? Why are they linked?

Posted by Zoe Turner

OK so you’ve cracked Agile and want to move on to the next step….DevOps. Seems logical, why speed up delivering business value to have it stuck in the treacle of ITSM?  When starting to look into DevOps, all the material I have seen looks at this opportunity from the perspective of the Development function and/or is little more than general advice about managing change.

Posted by Ian Mills

I've recently been looking at integrating LoadRunner scripts into the Jenkins build process for a Trust IV client. Inspired by a recent HPE webinar and the fact that several different development teams where I'm working are incorporating automated testing, managed by Jenkins into their application development cycle (Dev-Ops).

Posted by Richard Bishop

Most HPE customers will have heard of ALM, HPE’s Application Lifecycle Management software solution. Those with longer memories may still refer to it as “Quality Center” or even “Test Director”. Through this long history, ALM has evolved and added functionality and integrations with HPE as well as third party testing and development tools.

Posted by Richard Bishop

I've recently been asked to get involved in helping a client to produce management information (MI) that helps to quantify the value that performance testing is adding to their business.This puts me  in a quandary. I know that much of the testing that they do at the moment adds little or no value. I've seen examples of performance tests which have suffered from high error rates due to out of date test data, but have still been reported as "passed" purely based on the fact that transaction response times compare favourably with other tests.

Posted by Richard Bishop

My son came home from school today to show me a funny Trump-related website. Apparently it’s all the rage at school.  The website lets you blow a Trumpet in Donald Trump’s face. There’s a trumpet noise and a funny animation of the President-elect’s hair blowing. I can see why this is popular in schools and (probably) workplaces….

Posted by Richard Bishop

I have recently been involved in testing an Email Marketing solution for our Customer that led to some investigation around expectations for testing coverage of email clients by OS and platform.

Posted by John Howley

Well, it's happened yet again...

Posted by Darren Clifton

As a performance tester, along with many people in the IT-world, I'm often asked to plan for different eventualities. I have to write test plans, software deployment plans or help to provide estimates for how long a piece of work will take.  For predictable, simple work, this is fairly easy and is the sort of thing that people learn in school maths lessons. e.g. "If it takes one man one hour to dig a hole, how long will it take two men to dig a similar hole?"In the IT world it often isn't as simple as that.

Posted by Richard Bishop

OK, so HPE has launched the latest version of their market-leading performance testing tool, but what does that mean for me as a performance tester?

Posted by Richard Bishop


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