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We’ve moved!!!

Yes, Trust IV has moved. A change is as good as a break, so rather than have a holiday, we’ve decided to move offices, to No.10 no less.

Posted by Darren Clifton

With HPE introducing the LeanFT tool most people are unsure of the differences between the conventional HPE Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and LeanFT product sets. I thought I would write a blog to describe some of the differences to help people get some clarification on which tool would best fit their requirements.

Posted by Aaron Whyte

As HPE partners we have great opportunities to "play" with the latest HPE software. This gives us a chance to hone our skills with the as well as to share our experiences with other testers and the wider testing community. One group where we share these experiences is the NorthWest Tester Gathering.

Posted by Richard Bishop

In today’s inter-connected mobile world, many of us take high-speed internet connections for granted. With ubiquitous WiFi in offices, coffee shops and homes almost taken for granted, and widespread 3G and 4G networks, it is easy for developers to “forget” that many of the people for whom they write applications and websites aren’t quite so lucky when it comes to network quality.

Posted by Richard Bishop

In early December, I was travelling down to the HPE Discover conference in London. I think that I’d allowed myself to be slightly less organised than normal, because rather than some far flung destination, I was heading to London on the train. This lack of prior planning and preparation caught me out when I realised that I’d managed to leave my laptop power supply at home.

Posted by Richard Bishop

'Element', the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) icon is certainly not Gold (it’s Green in case you’ve missed what’s been happening in the world of HP recently), but Trust IV is proud to announce it has now achieved Gold Partner status! You won’t see us changing our logo anytime soon, but what you will notice is an addition in terms of an official HP accreditation.

Now what exactly does that mean to us and our customers?

Posted by Chris Lucas

Are you a major retailer? How did your website fare this Black Friday?

Now, I’m no rocket scientist but I’m pretty sure the Board of Directors at major retailers have technical advisers, so how is it that at the busiest retail time of the year, a major player like John Lewis has the wheels fall off its website’s cart?

Posted by Darren Clifton

Manchester Camerata return to Manchester Cathedral with Gabor Tackacs-Nagy and the virtuoso accordion player Martynas Levickis.

Celebrated RSC actor David Fielder started proceedings by his haunting narration of the prose-poem Company by Samuel Beckett preceding each of the 4 movements of Philip Glass’s String Quartet No. 2 arranged for the full Camerata string section.

Posted by Paul Caine

Cinema chains across the UK were feeling the force of thousands of Star Wars fans on Monday morning when tickets for “Star Wars 7 : The Force awakens” went on sale. Odeon and Vue Cinemas were both criticised on social media for suffering website failures due to the high demand for Star Wars tickets.

Posted by Richard Bishop

Manchester Camerata welcomed back Tine Think Helseth, the renowned Norwegian trumpet player, to the Band on the Wall for the first of this years’ Upclose events.

Where to start!  Well Tine started with the backing of her piano player and 5 members of the Camerata string section who, dressed in appropriately more casual attire than their usual concert black, launched into a series of 7 Romanian folk dances, followed by Weill’s Youkali.

Posted by Paul Caine


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