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My wife is a regular online shopper and is a little more tech savvy than the average shopper. She’s heard me “banging on” about website performance for long enough that she knows that when one browser doesn’t work she should try another, or use a different PC (as a geek household we have several!)

Posted by Richard Bishop
A couple of weeks ago I read a short blog post from HP's "mission critical computing" team. They were promoting a podcast about HP's high availability servers. Now, not every business can afford "NonStop" computing and 100% uptime, but high availability and good performance are essential for all websites.   Posted by Richard Bishop

Trust IV are pleased to announce further details about the upcoming Sage User Network Awareness Day that we are sponsoring on September 17th.

Posted by Mahesh Johal

I have recently seen a lot of articles that have discussed how e-commerce websites are performing slower than ever before and subsequently are failing to meet end-user expectations.

Posted by Mahesh Johal

After hearing my colleague Richard Bishop extolling the virtues of the 'If This Then That' (IFTTT) site and the possibilities it opens up in tailoring content to users, I decided to delve in and take a look.

Posted by Chris Lucas

Trust IV are pleased to announce that we are sponsoring the Sage User Network for their upcoming events in September and November.

Posted by Mahesh Johal

Trust IV recently received a glowing testimonial and were described as ‘the best money spent’ from our client University Hospital Birmingham (UHB).

Posted by Mahesh Johal

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited by FDM to watch the Ashes at Old Trafford. We were treated to some great hospitality by Andy King and his team, whilst also watching the greatest cricket rivalry in the world.

Posted by Paul Caine

The word governance is often uttered with much gravitas by a senior consultant towards the end of an ‘engagement’. Governance usually implies that something more has to be done, and paid for, before whatever it was they were brought in to do can deliver its full promise.

Posted by Ian Mills

Password managers have been around for years, some store individual passwords for individual sites, some integrate with your browsing and apply stored passwords when required, others provide a portal allowing you to choose the site you wish to navigate to and let the password portal log you in.

Posted by Chris Lucas


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