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When Albert Einstein was formulating his theory of General Relativity, he hit an annoying snag. His first attempt at the equations didn't seem to work properly - they only worked if the universe was curved, whereas everyone knew that the universe was flat. So, he added a fudge factor called the cosmological constant, which seemed to fix everything.

Posted by James Pickering

It crossed my mind that you should regularly check that your customer feels like they are getting value for money. For testing however, how do they know what is value for money? On the one hand they can compare service, people and costs with the market and get a view. But thinking more fundamentally, how much should you be spending on testing?

Posted by Ian Mills

Here's something I see all too often.

I'm working with a client, whose new system has an unusual design. I ask "Why has it been designed this way?", and the answer's always "Because it's SOA".

Now, building a system around a Service Oriented Architecture brings a lot of benefits. If you do it right, you end up with systems that are re-usable, low-maintenance, and scalable.

Posted by James Pickering

Last Saturday afternoon I was sitting at my PC when I noticed that the BBC published an article on their news website. The article described a service which allowed members of the public to search for “lost” bank accounts. The headline suggested that over £645m had been returned to account owners since the service had started.

Posted by Richard Bishop

Paul Caine gives us his thoughts about the Trust IV Company Day.

Posted by Mahesh Johal

On Monday, the staff at Trust IV attended its annual Company Day. Held at the Cricklade House Hotel in Swindon, the workshop was facilitated by Tim Fuller of the Reality Business. The day had several aims which revolved around the themes of personal and team effectiveness. 

Posted by Chester Gardner

On 6th February, I went to the Manchester Web Performance meet up group at the BBC's new premises in Salford Quays. The attendance was very good, with around 60 developers and testers turning out.

Posted by Richard Bishop

I attended the recent Round Table event hosted by Re-Think Recruitment.

Posted by Paul Caine

Yesterday I read a great article on the Techwell website entitled "When Making the Worst Choice Makes Sense". The article describes how easy it is to be drawn into buying the latest gadget or fastest machine when often the second best will do. 

Posted by Richard Bishop

At Trust IV we specialise in software testing and automation and we take automation seriously. If there is a task that you do regularly you should automate it.

Automation means that trivial tasks can be done more quickly and efficiently, saving you time.

We've found that even a mundane task, like looking out of our office window can be automated.

Posted by Richard Bishop


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