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On Tuesday 18th November, Trust IV will finally be hosting our free performance testing and network virtulisation workshop. The original date in October was postponed due to a potential tube strike.

Posted by Richard Bishop

Okay, we’re going to play a quick game of yes and no. You know the game, I ask a question and you answer with either yes or no.Here goes;

Posted by Darren Clifton

A big thank you to Martin for writing this review!Well, let me start off by saying that this was my first visit to Manchester Cathedral, and very impressive it is too. I've always preferred the smaller, more intimate gigs, and despite it's loftiness, the venue conveys that feel 100%.

Posted by Paul Caine

I remember my first day as a performance tester.

Posted by James Pickering

On Wednesday 24th September, Richard will be helping HP & Vivit in a webinar discussing Mobile application testing.  In an interactive discussion, Richard will be joined by HP's Todd DeCapua and Todd Merrit from Accenture. The trio will be focusing on three key areas of mobile and discuss each one in extensive detail.

Posted by Mahesh Johal

On Thursday 16th October, Trust IV will be a hosting an afternoon workshop on performance testing and network virtualisation. In association with HP and Vivit, the workshop will be taking place at HP’s Wood Street offices in London. 

Posted by Mahesh Johal

Over recent weeks, we have been blogging about our new offering, HP LoadRunner in the Cloud (LRITC). We are extremely proud of this product and feel it represents an end to expensive “shelfware” test software. As Chris showed in his most recent post, ”Is Performance Testing As Expensive As You Think?”, this product dispels several myths associated with our field.

Posted by Richard Bishop

I have read and heard about a ‘shift left’ in testing, however I was a little unsure of its impact on performance testing. In an attempt to fill my knowledge void I spoke to two of my colleagues, Richard and James, to get their views on the topic.  

Posted by Mahesh Johal

Cloud Computing is generally considered to be ideal for short term solutions but not cost effective for lengthy projects or requirements. Equally so Performance Testing has been, and is still regarded as an expensive undertaking.

Posted by Chris Lucas

Last Friday saw the release of Gatling 2.0.0-RC1. Gatling is a relatively new open-source performance testing framework. We've been trialing it on a project for a client, keeping a close eye on its development progress, and even contributing a few bug fixes and improvements.

Posted by James Pickering


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