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I’ve recently been involved in helping to train a new performance tester here at Trust IV. As a starting point, I thought I’d introduce my colleague to the WebTours application which simulates a simple airline booking system and provides new testers with an application where they can practice core skills such as script parameterisation and correlation as well as application error handling.My colleague found that the HP documentation was unclear when it came to running the application in Windows 8.

Posted by Chester Gardner

If you've been following the tech news, you'll have heard about a new security vulnerability called Heartbleed.

Posted by James Pickering

A client we work with recently had an incident, where one of their systems slowed to a crawl, and their CPU usage shot up to 100%."But how can this be?" asked the client. "We quadrupled the number of CPUs in that box last time this happened!".How indeed?

Posted by James Pickering

Now that the LoadRunner community edition has been released, which allows anybody to download LoadRunner and run tests with up to 50 vUsers, we expect that there will be a large increase in the number of LoadRunner users. Our blog article, describing our first impressions of LoadRunner 12 was extremely popular and resulted in a record number of visitors to this blog.

Posted by Charlie Dowd

Over recent months the Internet has been awash with reports of corporate data loss. Test data (especially if it is based on a cut from production) is just as valuable to potential thieves or wrongdoers as production data. In this article we describe how data obfuscation can remove the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

Posted by Richard Bishop

Those of you with long memories may remember our article unveiling the Trust IV webcam this time last year.Since then our windows have got dirtier and the picture quality has degraded. The good news is that spring is in the air and our building's having a spring clean. Our webcam caught the cleaner's in the act. We hope you like the new, improved view from the webcam.

Posted by Richard Bishop

Last month Richard compared the website performance of Manchester City and Manchester United. In a similar fashion to their early season win over their rivals, City romped to victory with their homepage rendering nearly three times faster than United’s.  David Moyes thankfully wasn’t at fault, and Richard suggested that third party content was a major reason for United’s shortfall.Today will see the two teams pitted against each other once again.

Posted by p8admin

Tuesday 18th March saw the launch event of the eagerly anticipated HP Apps12.

Posted by Gordon Appleby

The roadmap for LoadRunner 12 was presented at HP Discover Barcelona in December last year. Since that time, I've been lucky enough to have a beta copy of LR12 for evaluation purposes. Now that the product has been released, I'm able to share some of the new features that I've found to a wider audience.

Posted by Richard Bishop

As Barclays recently discovered, the loss of customer data is bad news and is a guaranteed way to get you the wrong sort of media attention. Articles describing the data breach have broken out of the IT press and into the mainstream.

Posted by Richard Bishop


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