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60,000 tickets were snapped up in just over an hour today for the hotly anticipated rematch between Carl Froch and George Groves. However, many fans were left empty handed and disappointed after problems with the ticket vendor website. 

Posted by Mahesh Johal

****UPDATED****See Floris Kraak's comments below, he has a much more elegant solution.......****UPDATED****It is common practice for testers to use local HOSTS files to direct traffic from Load Generators to the application under test. If possible the URLs should be parameterised, this allows the URLs to be changed quickly, for example when switching between development and test environments. Some web servers, however, host multiple websites and direct traffic to the appropriate site using host headers.

Posted by Richard Bishop

Nowadays most major IT departments outsource at least some aspects of their operation.

Posted by Ian Mills

This is the third article in a series describing script improvements that I recommended to a client during a recent engagement where I was advising on a LoadRunner to Performance Center migration.

Posted by Richard Bishop

This is a follow-up to a blog article that I wrote after a recent engagement at a client site where I was involved in planning a migration of performance tests from LoadRunner to Performance Center. The original article had some tips about the use of test data. This article expands on that.During my time on site, I spent some time reviewing my client's scripts.

Posted by Richard Bishop

Valentine’s Day, the annual cringefest, with its red roses, soppy Facebook statuses and overt PDA, is the first big retail event of the New Year.

Posted by Mahesh Johal

I recently completed a client assignment where I was asked to help plan an upgrade of HP ALM to allow the integration of ALM and Performance Center.

Posted by Richard Bishop

As web application performance specialists, we're always interested in performance.  So when we hear of a slow website, we like to check it out.

Posted by Richard Bishop

Manchester Camerata is acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading chamber orchestras and ‘has a reputation for bringing audiences first-class performances that are bursting with vitality’. We can back this claim up after watching them last weekend in ‘Love and Death’.Held at the Manchester Cathedral, we had an extremely enjoyable time listening to pieces from Mahler, Mozart and Schubert. The feeling of energy of the arrangements was accentuated by the 'bobbing' of the heads of the violins.

Posted by Gordon Appleby

The problem with unexpected traffic to your website is, well that it's unexpected! The cause can be particularly obtuse, difficult to forecast and hard to spot ahead of time. Picture yesterday evening on the sofa, kids in bed and the second episode of the new Top Gear series all to myself. Mr James May is recounting a visit to Afghanistan to see the latest MOD rides that are now coming home in the largest redeployment of vehicles since WWII. 

Posted by Chris Lucas


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