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There are a wide variety of testing tools available and finding the right one for your particular environment is a crucial decision that can have important long term implications for an organisation.Trust IV ensures that your business has all the information and guidance required to select the tool that best meets your specific needs now and in the future, and we can work with clients to install, configure, integrate and fine-tune the tool for optimal use across their organisation.A range of ongoing support options are also available that will be tailored to how you want to use the tools. Some of the key testing tool decisions we will help you with, relate to the type of license that best suits how your organisation operates.

  • Is it best to buy or rent?
  • Do you want seat licenses or concurrent?
  • Do you want to install on your premises or do you want to have it hosted in the Cloud (and delivered as SaaS)?

Another consideration is whether/how the tools you select will interoperate.Trust IV is proud to be a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Gold Partner, but we also have a depth of experience of many commercial and open-source tools; this makes us uniquely positioned to provide independent and objective input when formulating your testing tool strategy. Take a look at a selection of software options below:

Application Lifecycle Management

An application management solution to help you to define, build, test and deliver applications fast and with confidence across the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Business Process Testing

An integrated, component-based test framework that helps you accelerate functional test automation.


Performance testing software that gives you an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance, allowing you to identify and resolve issues before applications go-live.

Mobile Center

A mobile app testing solution that test all aspects of the mobile user experience from functional to performance to context, ensuring that you create applications that delight users.

Network Virtualization

Software that helps you release high quality apps without performance incidents by accurately testing and optimising application performance for mobile, web, and cloud network deployments, mimicking network latency.

Performance Center

Plan and execute tests across multiple global projects. This application testing software provides software testing tools and consistent processes to help you create a performance testing centre of excellence.

Quality Center

Integrated IT quality management software that helps you to standardise testing, engineer for performance, and fix defects to optimise quality, reduce costs, and deliver applications fast with confidence.

Service Virtualization

Simulate a service’s behaviour in a production environment. This software enables in-house development and testing teams to keep to their schedules regardless of access to production systems.


A manual software testing solution that streamlines and speeds up Agile testing.


SaaS delivered cloud load and performance testing solution that makes it easy to plan, run and scale web and mobile testing.

Unified Functional Testing

Make automated testing more efficient, helping developers and testers collaborate. This functional automated testing software—formerly QuickTest Professional (QTP) helps deliver quality software at the speed your business needs.