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The Challenge...

Users, worldwide want the slickest apps to work at the quickest speeds.So much so, it means they’ll decide in a matter of seconds whether they love, like or hate an app, so it pays for an app to perform from the moment it’s opened.

Take a look at the numbers on the right...Developing a well performing app can be difficult given the variables you need to consider, such as mobile device hardware, the network carrier, business user or customer behaviour.In order to reduce the risk that your app won’t perform, you need a test tool tailored to your requirements which will provide you with the assurances your business needs.

The Solution...

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Mobile Center is the ideal tool, as it enables testing mobile application functionality and performance across real-world network conditions on real-devices, all from the warmth of your own offices.If you want to truly redefine the mobile experience, you need to look at more than one element of the lifecycle.You need a predictable and repeatable mechanism for managing the mobile application throughout its lifecycle, from start to finish.

Mobile Center Key Features

  • Support simulated and real-world testing to best understand usability, design and defects across any device, OS or network
  • Understand when transactional services are working securely and properly
  • Measure and simulate the impact of load using a combination of real devices and virtual users, for realistic assessment
  • Gain insight into how end customers are using the application to improve development
  • Determine response times, speed and quality of an application across real world devices
  • Accurately capture and share critical defect information of a device
  • Improve your mobile app testing effectiveness by using the analytics tools, optimising test cases by measuring the user experience
  • Execute realistic tests by mimicking user and networks to model accurate specific use cases on real devices
  • Increase test coverage and speed by using automation that supports remote/local devices via an on-premise or cloud-based lab
  • Get an accurate picture of end-to-end mobile performance by combining virtual users and real devices
  • Assess the security of your source code and mobile app itself to find vulnerabilities across the three tiers: client, network and server

 Contact us today for more information on HPE Mobile Center and how it can benefit your business.