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The Challenge...

In today’s digital era, applications have become the driving force behind enterprises, with organisations finding that their digital ‘footprint’ represents an increasing part of their core business. 


Apps need to perform well, first time. If an app doesn’t perform, a business could lose money, customers, brand reputation and competitive advantage. Take a look at the numbers on the right...

As a consequence, delivering well performing apps is critical; not an easy task given the ever-increasing complexity of modern apps, associated network types and user devices.Today’s multi-channel applications and services are a spider’s web of components from multiple places: data centres, clouds and 3rd party services, all accessed through a wide variety of devices including desktops, tablets, smartphones and a growing number of wearable devices (Apple or Pebble watches anyone?).Just to add to this, users are connecting via different network technologies, including WAN, residential Internet and different mobile connections.Given all of the above, the impact of a network on application performance can be dramatic, so the need to understand and test an app against the most realistic network simulation is key to reducing the risk that your app won’t perform when it goes live.This is where Network Virtualisation comes in.

The Solution...

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Network Virtualization (NV) is a comprehensive solution for delivering network virtualisation capabilities to support even the most complex testing scenarios driven by today’s modern application architecture.It creates real-world conditions for testing business applications and verifying that they will perform to the expectations of end users.

NV Key Features

• Discover and capture network conditions - including latency, bandwidth, packet loss and jitter• Quickly discover and capture network conditions from millions of true last-mile end points from thousands of cities into your tests• Capture network conditions from a mobile device and share the results, parameters and files to recreate these conditions anywhere• Recreate representative users and their network conditions, incorporating them into tests to deliver accurate and repeatable results• Easily see and understand optimisation recommendations which are scored, grouped, and colour-coded (by major optimisation rules) Contact us today for more information on HPE Network Virtualization and how it can benefit your business.