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The Challenge...

Do you have multiple projects all running at the same time that require performance testing?Are you looking to reduce costs, be they effort or licence driven?

The Solution...

A single, enterprise-level platform for all performance testing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Performance Center wraps up LoadRunner into a Web front-end package acting as a Software as a Service (SaaS) which can be used to centrally control and manage performance testing from different teams in different locations (even countries).Globally distributed engineers sharing a common testing infrastructure. All licenses consolidated into a single, easily accessible pool. Simple, single-instance installation and upgrade, Performance Center does it all.

Key Features

• Reduces licence costs of implementing LoadRunner within larger companies or organisations• Anyone within an organisation can gain access to the software, whether distributed or global• Increase efficiency and reduce cost by load testing any app through a globally accessible platform.• Carry out mobile performance testing for both browser-based and native mobile applications using network and service virtualisation• Run simple, changeable and realistic tests from multiple geographies by scaling cloud testing up and down to meet the demand• Integrate performance testing into your development environment including IDE, continuous integration and build systems• Identification of ‘bottlenecks’ by integrating non-intrusive, real-time app performance monitoring (APM) and diagnostics• Enables consistent processes to help you create a performance testing centre of excellence• Performance Center software can be centrally administrated Contact us today for more information on HPE Performance Center and how it can benefit your business.