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The Challenge...

In order to best test an application, you need to be able to emulate the production environment in which that application will be running when it goes live in production. All without actually ‘touching’ production.So, where do you start?

The Solution...

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Service Virtualization (SV) enables in-house development and test teams to keep to their schedules regardless of access to production systems.Manage your virtual services with easy updates on who is using each one, when it is being used and its service health by using an intuitive web dashboard.Record a simulation easily and then apply modelling parameters to the virtual service behaviour for performance and data modelling.You can model a network as well as app performance by integrating with Network Virtualization.Virtualise performance of batch processing transactions to help you test Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications

SV Key Features

• Easily create simulations of app behaviour, keeping your schedule even when you can’t develop or test the real app, systems or services• Model the functional network and performance behaviour of your virtual services by using step-by-step wizards• Virtualise what matters: Create simulations using a wide array of message formats, transport types and even ERP application protocols• Modify data, network and performance models easily• Manage from anywhere, publishing virtual versions of real app components and services on a shareable platform for use across teams• Service Virtualization fully integrates into LoadRunner, Performance Center, ALM and Unified Functional Testing Contact us today for more information on HPE Service Virtualization and how it can benefit your business.