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Performance Testing in the Cloud

When working in an Agile environment, things can move pretty quickly with release cycles getting shorter and shorter.Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) StormRunner is a flexible, easy to use and cost effective cloud-based performance testing solution making it easy to plan, run and scale your web and mobile testing.  Agile development teams can test and tune their applications quickly; before the end of a sprint.As it’s cloud based with nothing to install, StormRunner can easily scale from 1 user to millions at the push of a button.Anyone, regardless of their expertise can get involved in testing. They can upload a script, design a load test and be running a test within moments.Modernise agile testing for web and mobile apps with HPE performance testing solution, StormRunner Load, the smart and scalable cloud load testing service. Contact us today for more information on HPE StormRunner and how it can benefit your business.