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The Challenge...

Testing today’s application architectures requires unprecedented cooperation among development, testing and operations teams in order to increase the speed and cost effectiveness of application development and delivery. An agile organisation that can react quickly is one that will enable business success in a fast-changing world.Adoption of new technologies and architectures such as cloud computing, Web 2.0 and mobile technologies, along with new approaches such as Agile, continuous delivery and other practices, introduce enormous challenges to today’s functional testing teams.Functional testing teams need to modernise their practices to enable the business to stay agile and responsive to customer demands and competitive threats.This is where Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Unified Functional Testing (UFT) comes in.

The Solution...

Unified Functional Testing is a functional automated testing solution that drives efficiencies across all aspects of test automation.It helps testing teams ‘shift left’, incorporating automated testing earlier into the software development cycle and UFT promotes progress towards the most mature state of test automation, enabling organisations to simplify and expand their capacity for functional testing.UFT enables functional tests to be carried out automatically to increase the speed and cost effectiveness of application development and delivery.Automated test scripts can be run repeatedly to verify the functionality of an application under test. This can yield considerable savings in time and money over manual testing.

UFT Key Features

• A single easy-to-use GUI for automating all types of functional testing• Provides real device testing on top mobile platforms (iOS, Android & Windows) across the top browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE & Safari)• ‘Jump-start’ the creation of new automations by importing manual testing assets• Results can be converted into reusable test automation assets for regression and integration testing• Allows distributed test execution of multiple tests simultaneously, which is core to building a testing centre of excellence• Manage testing through the Agile dev. cycle through integration into continuous integration tools and making it part of a nightly build• Automate tests to support app types across browsers, APIs, mobile platforms, Enterprise Resource Planning apps and legacy environments• Automated tests for applications running on mobile devices can be created• No matter what device an application will run on, UFT scripts are created the same way, resulting in considerable savings when testing Contact us today for more information on HPE Unified Functional Testing and how it can benefit your business.