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Trust IV Solutions blend together our testing services and testing tools capabilities and combines it with our broad experience of IT systems to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions for your software quality assurance requirements.How these services, tools and solutions are delivered is entirely your choice. We will be happy to help you assess the costs, benefits and risks of each approach.Trust IV can work on your site or remotely from our offices. Equally we can deliver on-premise tools, however we are increasingly seeing our customers take the same tools as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.


Automation can be an effective way to improve productivity and reduce costs. Trust IV can assist you in automating tools and services to produce faster release cycles at the desired the quality.

Cloud Testing

Whether you’re looking to validate the performance of your cloud platform, test from the cloud or use cloud environments for your performance tests, Trust IV has the comprehensive knowledge and experience to help you to achieve your goals.

Test Tool Selection

Over the years, Trust IV has been involved in numerous product evaluations, helping customers to choose the best test tools to meet their specific requirements.With in-depth experience of both open-source and market-leading test tools Trust IV is ideally placed to help you make the right decision.

Test Tools Implementation

Once you’ve chosen your test tools, it makes good sense to ensure that they are configured correctly.

Skills Development

Trust IV invests heavily in its staff and as part of its professionalism, believes in sharing knowledge and nurturing talent both inside and outside its organisation. Can Trust IV help you?

Platform Upgrades for ALM

Don’t fall behind the latest software releases. Trust IV can help you with proof of concept through to upgrade completion.

Continuous Integration Implementation

As test and development teams “shift-left” to meet business demands for faster release cycles without compromising quality; increased automation helps you to validate new application code more quickly. The last hurdle to more frequent code releases is automated deployments into production and test environments. With experience of Jenkins, Hudson and other code-deployment tools, Trust IV is ideally suited to help you achieve your CI goals.