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What is Continuous Integration?

Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice that requires developers to integrate code into a shared repository several times a day. Each check-in is then verified by automated builds and tests allowing developers to detect problems early.Agile software development relies upon Continuous Integration.By using Agile techniques, developers are able to produce higher quality software more rapidly. 

The Challenge...

While developers are able to produce higher quality software more rapidly, there is a drawback in that, when software is delivered to QA teams, release managers and operations support teams at this faster, Agile pace; the larger number of smaller and more frequent releases can cause difficulties for QA and Ops teams.

The Solution...

The answer to this potential bottleneck is Continuous Delivery (CD).CD complements CI and is the automatic deployment of software into production environments.Using automated techniques for testing, management reporting and software deployments can remove the potential obstacles to faster, more frequent and more reliable software releases.

The final link in this optimisation process is integrating operations teams into this process.DevOps is a software development method which relies upon improved communication, collaboration, cooperation and integration between software developers and other IT professionals such as IT operations and QA teams.DevOps aims to help an organisation rapidly produce software products and services and to improve operations performance.

With extensive experience in testing and automation, Trust IV is ideally placed to help you to introduce CI and CD into your software development teams and help you to deliver high-quality software better, faster and more frequently than before. Contact Trust IV today to see how we can help.