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At Trust IV, we frequently encounter customers who’ve fallen behind the latest Application Lifecycle Management or Quality Center release. This can happen for a variety of reasons but frequently this is due to cost cutting within IT departments as well as the “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude which can hold people back from upgrading.Using older versions of software is generally OK for a while; but after time, you may find that your users are clamouring for new features or want to integrate multiple tools together, perhaps when moving towards Agile, Lean or DevOps testing methodologies.Once you fall too far behind the latest version, it becomes increasingly difficult to raise support calls because standard tech support responses to problems invariably start with the question, “Have you upgraded to the latest version?” As well as this, clients may find problems with browser support and integration with other test tools.Regardless of where you are in the upgrade path, Trust IV can be relied upon to manage your upgrade or migration effectively and efficiently.With access to Hewlett Packard Enterprise SaaS offerings as well as our own cloud platform, we’re able to perform proof of concept migrations and provide test/staging environments, ensuring straightforward migrations with minimal downtime. Contact Trust IV to see how we can help.